Nefesh Morning Offering

Friday, May 22, 2020 | 10am

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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am.

Please join Rabbi Susan for a morning teaching, prayer and song with Duvid Swirsky and Sally Dworsky to come together as a community with intention and deepen our connections. Join us on on Facebook!

What an incredible moment of history we find unfolding before us. Prishut, separation, can be a powerful spiritual practice to connect us more deeply to others in our lives, to the world, and to ourselves. Usually we would choose to do this practice and not be thrown into it but here we are! Social distancing does not need to be emotional or spiritual distancing, in fact this is a moment when we can, with intention, deepen our connections.
Our ancestors are whispering to us, reminding us that we as a people have moved through these moments before. They are telling us now to stay rooted in our deepest values, chesed (lovingkindness), rachamim (compassion), shalom (wholeness)… and to let them guide our days rather than fear and anxiety (though those feelings are important to express too!). Our tradition is reminding us to stay rooted in these values and fill ourselves and our families with study, prayer and action that keep us grounded in these deepest values.